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Featured! SpinPower™ Featured on Fox 8 News: Made in NC

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SpinPower in the News!
Fox 8: Made in USA. Watch it now at

SpinPower™ Cycling Products

Welcome to SpinPower™ Cycling Products!


Endurance Sports Expo in Oaks, PA, 2012
SpinPower™ on Fox 8 News: Made in NC (above)

SpinPower™ - Photo by BikeRumor.com

Cassettte Cleaning Floss
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1. Bike Cleaning Kit
2. Bike Detailing Kit
3. Drivetrain Cleaning Kit
4. Bike Degreaser Kit
5. Rider Care Kit

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About SpinPower™

SpinPower™ is a brand formulated by Prudent Enviro Products, Inc. (PEP) is a leading creator of earth-friendly, non-toxic, quality products for the cycling industry. John Prudente, a formulations chemist and cycling enthusiast, founded PEP in Greensboro, NC, in 1999.

PEP offers an array of uniquely formulated items including cleaners, degreasers, lubricants, hand-cleaner, heart rate monitor conductive gel, chamois cream, bike polish, and other proprietary cycling products.

Prudent Enviro Products is a manufacturer of environmentally safe and non-toxic products. Since its founding, PEP has specialized in private labeling products for multi-outlet and catalog operations. Now, Prudent Enviro Products is offering its SpinPower™ brand to independent bike shops!

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Greg LeMond and John go for a Bike Ride!
John Prudente and Greg LeMond go for a bike ride!

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