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SpinPower™ Cycling Products

The SpinPower™ Advantage

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SpinPower™The SpinPower™ Advantage

Why Choose SpinPower™ Products?

1. Isn’t there an over-saturization of products like cleaners, degreasers, &c on the market?

Actually, while there may be a few different types of lubes and degreasers on the market, we feel that our edge lies in the fact that our products are not only high performing and environmentally-safe, but they are also more cost effective. In addition, some of our products, including the Sanitizer, HRM Gel, Foaming Degreaser, and specially-designed cycling Lens Cleaner w/ microfiber cloth, are unique to the biking market.

2. What makes your products unique?

SpinPower™ products are not only environmentally-safe and 100% non-toxic, but they get the job done right the first time! But don’t just take our word for it - our products outperformed the competition in independent tests conducted by industry publications. Plus, SpinPower™ is priced competitively - a shop can get our superior products at a fraction of the competitor’s price.

3. What are the advantages for my shop to carry your product?

The primary advantage is threefold: SpinPower™ products are environmentally friendly while consistently outperforming the traditional lubes, degreasers, chamois creams, etc. on the market today. While some shops are happy with offering the status quo, we have found that many others like to offer something completely different. Something that cannot be easily purchased at big-box stores and countless web sites at cheaper prices. Our current customers have realized that they cannot compete with web-sites and big-box stores on price. To get them into the shop, they have to offer customers something special (like SpinPower™) at a competitive rate.

SpinPower™ Currently we are offering no minimum orders with favorable terms. We are so confident in our products that we offer to buy back any unsold merchandise (including shipping) whenever the shop requires. This is an unprecedented offer that we can proudly say we have never had to utilize.

4. What type of marketing have you done with this line?

What haven’t we done!? Since launching the SpinPower™ brand, some endeavors include launching a unique website, sponsoring a local rider in the KENDA Cup series of Mountain Bike Races, creating and producing banners that are displayed at races and postcards that are distributed to shops and consumers. We also have booths and demos at local bike races where we give away 1 oz. lubes samples to attendees. In addition, we provide current customers with these samples to give away to their shoppers.

After a shop has purchased from us, we provide signs and racks for all our SpinPower™ products. We also have information cards that they can display for customers. While we haven’t ventured into traditional advertising (radio, TV, etc.), we know that this “grassroots” approach has helped us gain penetration in the local (North Carolina) cycling market. Because our ROI has been tremendous, we feel leaping into traditional advertising realms at this point would not be in our best interest.

5. What if my shop doesn’t sell much degreaser, cleaners, lubes, and other similar cycling products?

Then there has never been a better time to start! These types of consumable products are some of the best ways to keep customers coming back to your store. On average, consumable products like degreasers, lubes, and cleaners have much higher profit margins than bicycles. And if you currently aren’t selling much of these products, this is the perfect opportunity to switch to SpinPower™! If you currently stock different brands of consumable products and your shop doesn’t sell much, why keep trying the same old thing? The main reason these products aren’t selling is because they are in just about every single bike shop, big-box, web site, and everywhere in between. By choosing SpinPower™, you are carrying a unique product that will help your shop standout. By limiting our distribution to a few shops per area, when a customer wants SpinPower™, they will make the trek specifically to your shop!

Prudent Enviro Products, Inc.

6. How long has SpinPower™ been around? Does it have any staying power?

While SpinPower™ was launched in the spring of 2009, the parent company, Prudent Enviro Products, Inc. (PEP) has been around for over a decade. Launched in 1999, PEP currently private labels for many bicycle shops, both large and small, as well as outdoor sporting goods shops and web-based companies. Designed by a cyclist with IBD’s in mind, we think our strength in providing superior, environmentally-safe products at cost-effective prices with favorable margins allows both PEP and SpinPower™ to be industry leaders that can stand the test of time.

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