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SpinPower™Formulated to effectively clean all types of lenses, SpinPower™ Lens Cleaner has an anti-streak property that also degreases and shines any plastic or glass lens, coated or un-coated. And, along with the included micro-fiber cleaning cloth, SpinPower™ Lens Cleaner's anti-static formula helps repel dust so lenses will stay clean longer.

Plus, SpinPower™ Lens Cleaner is a safe and effective neutral pH lens cleaner. This means that, unlike other cleaners with high pH and ammonia levels, SpinPower™ Lens Cleaner won't damage your lenses or erode the anti-reflective coating.

6oz $8.99

  • A safe and effective, netural pH lens cleaner, formulated to clean all types of lenses
  • Contains an anti-streak property that degreases and shines
  • Anti-static formula helps repel dust
  • Won't erode anti-reflective coating
  • Includes a micro-fiber cleaning cloth!


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