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SpinPower™ Chamois Cream

SpinPower™ Specially formulated to provide long lasting skin protection, SpinPower™ Chamois Cream prevents chafing and irritation caused by moisture during exercise.

SpinPower™ Chamois Cream also minimizes skin blisters caused by the continuous rubbing of skin on clothing.

SpinPower™ Chamois Cream can be applied to the chamois inside your bike shorts or directly onto the skin. The antibacterial formulation helps prevent minor skin irritations.

6oz $10.99

  • Made with the highest quality USP grade, environmentally safe ingredients
  • Prevents chafing and skin irritation
  • Helps minimize skin blisters caused by rubbing
  • Softens chamois for long lasting chafing control
  • Antibacterial formulation
  • Now available in Euro-Style!




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