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SpinPower™Care Products

Available SpinPower™ Personal Care Products

SpinPower™SpinPower™ Chamois Creams

Specially formulated to provide long lasting skin protection, SpinPower™ Chamois Cream prevents chafing and irritation caused bymoisture duringexercise. It softens chamois for long lasting chafing control. Now available in Euro-Style!


SpinPower™ Heart Rate Monitor Electrode Gel

SpinPower™ Heart Rate Monitor Electrode Conductive Gel was formulated to produce excellent conduction between the transmitter electrode and the skin, providing a consistent and accurate reading every time.

SpinPower™SpinPower™ Sanitizer

SpinPower™ Sanitizer is a safe and efficient sanitizer for water bottles and hydration systems. It's formulated to effectively clean and sanitize on contact and is economical to use.

SpinPower™SpinPower™ Lens Cleaner

SpinPower™ Lens Cleaner has been formulated to effectively clean all types of eyeglass lenses. It safely cleans, degreases and shines any plastic or glass lens, coated or uncoated. SpinPower™ Lens Cleaner is a safe and effective cleaner that won't erode your glasses.


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