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SpinPower™ Cycling Products SpinPower™ Cycling Products SpinPower™ Cycling Products SpinPower™ Cycling Products
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Consider the SpinPower™ Lube Sampler - three lubes for only $4!

Formulated with a unique blend of high-quality, environmentally safe, renewable waxes, SpinPower™ Dry Chain Lube provides unprecedented protection for all chains and gears.

An advanced low-viscosity lubricant, SpinPower™ Superior Chain Lube provides long-lasting protection for chains, cables and gears.SpinPower™ 1-Ounce Lubes

Formulated with renewable vegetable oils, SpinPower™ Natural Chain Lube is biodegradable and environmentally safe.

SpinPower™ Slippery Spitt Chain Lube is formulated with synthetic oils and anti-wear and anti-friction additives. It's environmentally degradable and provides a protective film.

These high-rated lubes are available in 1-ounce,
4-ounce and 8-ounce sizes.

We usually provide the bike shopes with 1-ounce size lubes. It's a great incentive for them to give to the customer, for example with a bike purchase or after a major repair.

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