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SpinPower™ Multipurpose Disposable Cleaning Wipes

SpinPower™ MultiPurpose Cleaning Cloths!Convenient towels combine a powerful cleaner along with a textured scrubbing surface, eliminating the need for water. The heavy-duty wipe suspends and absorbs grime from your hands and other surfaces for easy clean-up. One side of the SpinPower™ Multipurpose Disposable Cleaning Wipe has a textured surface for extra deep cleaning, while the other side is smooth for general purpose cleaning.

Our cleaning formula is strong enough to remove grease, tar, ink and other hard to remove grime from your hands while our formula conditions your hands with the following skin care SpinPower Cleaning Wipesingredients: aloe vera, jojoba, wheat germ extract, glycerin and vitamin E. SpinPower™ Multipurpose Disposable Cleaning Wipes contain an antimicrobial agent. Our specific formula is solvent-free and environmentally safe.


10 for $4.95
4 for $1.99

  • Environmentally friendly and solvent-free
  • One heavy-duty side and one smooth general purpose side
  • Convenient and economical to use
  • Light citrus scent
  • Strong textured wipe
  • Contains skin care ingredients with an antimicrobial



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