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SpinPower™ Cycling Products

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"Given the "green" nature of the products and the effectiveness, I'd highly recommend giving them a try next time you need bike lubes or cleaners."
- BikeRumor.com
SpinPower™ Cycling Products

"This Foaming Degreaser is the best cleaner I've ever used."
- BikeRumor.com
SpinPower™ Foaming Professional Degreaser

"We love your products! They work great and we're not exposed to unnecessary solvents and chemicals..."
- Jason, Lead Mechanic
SpinPower™ Cycling Products

"I would encourage everyone to read the MSDS sheets for the leading brands of citrus degreasers. [Unlike SpinPower™ Products], I was surprised to see they contain benzene compounds and other toxic ingredients…"
- Green Gear, Colorado
SpinPower™ Cycling Products

"On top of all that, they smell really, really nice…"
- BikeRumor.com
SpinPower™ Cycling Products

"I give it rave reviews...
Not only was there no rash, etc., but I never lost a signal. It's so good that I'm pitching the remaining tube of buh-bump that I have left."

- Sark Products,
SpinPower™ Heart Rate
Monitor Electrode Gel


"John, I love the
new cleaning towelettes
I found them excellent for multiple purposes. I was able to remove bike chain grease from my leg with no problem or dryness. The most amazing thing was how well it worked to removed my chain grease off the leather seats in my car. Thanks for introducing me to our new product!"
- Satisfied Customer
SpinPower™ Multipurpose Disposable Cleaning Wipes

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