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SpinPower™ Cycling Products

Available SpinPower™ Cycling Care Products

SpinPower™SpinPower™ Degreasers

SpinPower™ Professional Degreasers penetrate the grime and remove the toughest grease and dirt without leaving any residue. They are perfect for both road and mountain bikes. Now introducing the SpinPower™ Foaming Professional Degreaser. Try our environmentally safe SpinPower™ Citrus Degreaser.

SpinPower™SpinPower™ Cleaners

Ideal for removing grime, dirt, mud and grease from your bike frame and tires, SpinPower™ Foaming Bike Cleaner dissolves even the toughest dirt and grime! Plus, the unique wetting action that coats the surface, allowing SpinPower™ Foaming Bike Cleaner to effectively clean away any crud without leaving a residue.

SpinPower™SpinPower™ Polish

SpinPower™ Bike Envy Polish cleans, shines and protects with a silicone film, providing a high-gloss finish that helps repel water, mud and dirt. It's safe for use on plastics, carbon, metal alloys and painted surfaces.

SpinPower™ SpinPower™ Lubes

SpinPower™ Lubes provide outstanding protection and lubrication for all bike chains, cables and gears, in wet or dusty weather. Look at our outstanding SpinPower™ Superior Chain Lube, or try our SpinPower™ Natural Chain Lube, formulated with renewable vegetable oils. Our SpinPower™ Synthetic Chain Lube will keep your gears protected!

SpinPower™ Multipurpose Disposable Cleaning Wipes

These multipurpose towels clean hands, tools and equipment - and they protect your hands from chafing. SpinPower™ Multipurpose Disposable Cleaning Wipes do not use solvents or water and contain an antimicrobial agent.

SpinPower™ Cassette Cleaning Floss

SpinPower™ Cassette Cleaning Floss is the perfect detailing tool. Ideal for cleaning cassettes, derailleur pulley wheels, chain rings, hubs, and more. SpinPower™ Cassette Cleaning Floss features a ribbed elastic cord.


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